Crime may well be on the up but home owners are fighting back with CCTV systems. Everyone seems to think it will never be them to receive a break in, until this happens of course and most of the time there is very little evidence to find the culprit.

CCTV sadly, is normally installed once a break in has occurred, however if a CCTV system was already installed, the potential for avoiding an incident is far greater than without CCTV. Can you really take the risk that it will never be you? Should a potential thief see a CCTV system in place or maybe read a sign that explains CCTV is in operation it will help protect you from break ins. Remember CCTV isn't free, however the cost of a break in is normally thousands of pounds and CCTV is much cheaper in price making it a worthy investment into your property.

CCTV on your property can help protect you from suffering loss or damage to valuable possessions. Your house, car, caravan, boat, shed, garage, Oil tank, etc are all vulnerable.

 The systems I install are very high quality and support remote viewing via the web on a smart phone/laptop.


If you're a business and your premises don't have some sort of CCTV system then it maybe time to install this now, rather than later. In a recession, crime rates of theft and burglary increase dramatically. Business owners are the ones who are left victims of this, CCTV can protect and identify these thieves. If a thief sees a CCTV camera or is aware of CCTV in operation on the premises they become very unlikely to carry out their crime there. On the chance that they are unaware or decide to risk the crime, you have solid evidence to convict a criminal. With our systems and technology you can view your premises from anywhere with new mobile phone technology.

Theft isn't the only reason to have CCTV installed. Retailers use CCTV to monitor for dishonest employees, solid video evidence against fake accident claims and to produce a customer count on each day. Manufacturers, factories/warehouses, governments, hospitals and universities use CCTV to identify visitors and employees, monitor a hazardous work area, combat theft and ensure the security of their premises and parking area and again to gain solid evidence against fake accident claims.


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